What I'm Making for Father's Day

I love summer and celebrating with family. It's the best time for homemade hamburger buns, ice cream, and watermelon.

This week, there is something for everybody--hamburger buns for the bread makers, creme fraiche ice cream for the yogurt makers, and espresso (or coffee) ice cream for coffee lovers. If you like watermelon like I do, check out this post for "How To Pick the Perfect Watermelon" by Rachel Teodoro. Her method works better for me than thumping.

Bread Machine Hamburger Buns

These Bread Machine Hamburger Buns are conveniently mixed and kneaded in a bread machine. Fresh potatoes are the secret ingredient.

Easy Espresso Ice Cream

This easy Espresso Ice Cream Recipe is simple, uncooked, and makes about 1 quart. I like to make it in a Donvier Hand-Crank Freezer, but you could just as easily use an electric freezer.

Creme Fraiche Ice Cream with Nutella Flakes

You can make or buy creme fraiche and add it to this sweet ice cream along with Nutella "flakes," which I'll tell you how to make in this post.

Happy Bakers

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Bread Machine Hamburger Buns

"Another great recipe. Perfect hamburger buns to serve with chicken or beef burgers. --JACQUELINE



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