What is the significance of clumping when using a bread machine?

Why peek at the dough in the first minute of the kneading phase?

Two critical reasons:

  1. Ensure the bread machine paddles are installed correctly and engage with the dough. If nothing is happening, but you hear the motor running, tap the paddles into place with the handle of a wooden spoon.
  2. Check to see if the dough clumps.

Clumping is my unscientific word for dough that sticks together in large, irregular lumps and clumps during the first minute of mixing. It should look messy and raggedy, and is a good sign that your dough is headed in the right direction.

If the "dough" in your bread machine resembles raw oatmeal or pie dough before adding water, it's too dry. If the dough looks more like cake or cookie batter, it's too wet. Either condition requires immediate intervention.

Why your dough doesn't start clumping immediately:

Answer: Something went wrong during the measuring process.

Consider the possibilities before you pronounce the recipe a dud or sell your bread machine in a garage sale.

1. Did you misread the recipe? 🙋🏼‍♀️ (I've done this more than I want to admit.)

2. Were you interrupted or distracted mid-recipe? Did you leave out an ingredient or miscount your cups or teaspoons? Think hard. (I've done this one, too.)

3. Did you substitute an ingredient with a different consistency or characteristic from the original? (honey for sugar or whole wheat flour for all-purpose flour) I try to give this information in my substitution list, but sometimes, readers' imaginations for variations eclipse mine.

4. Did you remember to zero out the scales between each ingredient when weighing? (Guilty of this one too.)

5. If measuring the flour, were you precise and careful not to pack it? Consider this one if your mixture is dry. If you stick with recipes that list weights, your chances for success are much better.

6. Did the recipe author make a mistake? If it's my recipe, send me an email ASAP with details. 😩

How can I fix an impending bread disaster?

Do these things as the machine kneads.

1. If you realize you left something out, add it immediately.

2. Add more liquid or flour just until the dough starts to clump.

Remember: Recheck the dough 15 minutes later to make final adjustments. Once the gluten has developed,the goal is dough that sticks to the side, then pulls away cleanly. (There are exceptions, such as brioche and ciabatta.)

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Clumping (not to be confused with clogging) is cool,


p.s. I need your help. If you make gluten-free bread and know of a website with tested and tried recipes worth the money and time, please send me the URL. Gluten-free bread is out of my lane, so I need a reputable place to direct gluten-free bakers. Thanks!

Quiz Answer:

  • The top picture needs flour.
  • The middle is clumping as it should.
  • The bottom needs liquid.

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