Leftover Bread Crumbs Find Happiness with Yogurt in this Easy Dessert

published3 months ago
1 min read

Bread and yogurt makers have a similar problem. Sometimes we make more than we can eat or give away. This is my latest solution.

The inspiration for this dessert comes from one of my favorite cookbooks, Helen Corbitt's Cookbook. Ms. Corbitt called this Cake Crumb Pudding. However, I use bread crumbs, so I call it Bread Crumb Pudding. Crumbs make the texture less soggy than traditional bread pudding.

Bookmark this recipe for the next time you have excess bread and/or yogurt. Your reward is a sweet treat with extra fiber and protein (if you use whole-grain bread and Greek yogurt.

Even leftovers can be shareable,


p.s. Of course, you don't have to make bread or yogurt to enjoy this treat. It's also tasty with store-bought bread or un-iced cake, and yogurt.

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