Are you looking for a tasty tradition to celebrate Good Friday?

published3 months ago
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Have you tried making Hot Cross Buns with your bread maker (or stand mixer)?

These sweet rolls are a Good Friday tradition often observed in Britain and other Commonwealth nations. However, I only realized how many Americans enjoy them once I got several requests from readers for a bread machine recipe to make them.

These beautiful rolls are ideal for sharing with family, co-workers, or neighbors.

The flavors will remind you of a cinnamon-raisin loaf with icing shaped into a guilt-free individual serving. Since there's no rolling required or filling to make, Hot Cross Buns are easier to make than a whole loaf.

You still have two or three weeks to practice making these rolls. If you have questions, I'm just an email away.

"Fences might make good neighbors, but sharing homemade bread makes friendlier neighbors." --Paula 🤗

p.s. Thank you for sharing this email with a friend who thinks their bread machine is worthless.

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